Andrea Pinkowitz

After retiring from a career in the fashion industry as a textile designer, I have discovered a new path that allows me to channel my creativity in exciting and challenging ways.  I am now designing mosaics with Judaica themes using beautiful colored glass and ceramics. The tiles are backed with color coordinated suede, and are wired for hanging. My designs contain Hebrew phrases and holiday motifs.  I feel blessed to be able to express my Jewish heritage through my art.  It is a joyful process that comes from my heart and touches on what matters most to me.  Each piece is ‘signed’ with a square orange glass in the lower right-hand corner of the tiles.  Orange, because it reminds me of the warmth and love of my Mother who, along with my Father, were extremely supportive of my pursuit of art and derived great joy from our family’s celebration of Jewish traditions.  What better way to honor both of them!


I would love to work with you on custom designs so that you can also experience the pleasure of seeing your ideas brought to life and embodied in a lasting memory!


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